Empower 3 Chromatography Data Software

Empower 3 Software, our flagship chromatography data software (CDS), makes it easier than ever to run samples and produce meaningful results without experiencing downtime for training, re-engineering workflow, or adding new software to support instruments or advanced chromatographic techniques.

Maximize Laboratory Efficiency

Empower 3's interface is designed to maximize your productivity, improving how you collect, process and print chromatography data. Capabilities include:

- Customizable data reports
- Integrated custom calculations
- Relational data so all your meta data is traceable back to the raw data
- Optimized workflow for different users and different analyses.

With enhanced 21 CFR Part 11 compliance capabilities, Empower 3 takes your ability to manage data integrity, advanced security features, and audit trails to new levels. Leverage electronic signatures to automate your laboratory workflow, and ease your mind regarding security, data integrity, and audits.

Enterprise Options for Advanced CDS Needs
Empower 3 Software is designed to fit into your corporate IT landscape and provides advanced performance across your network and high availability deployment options to maximize your uptime.

Empower 3 Chromatography Data
Software Waters' flagship chromatography data software (CDS) provides enhanced tools for the chromatographer, non-chromatographer, administrators, and IT.

Empower 3 Enterprise Data Manager (EDM)
Enterprise option for Empower 3 Chromatography Software offers enhanced data management capabilities for chromatographic results in networked environments.

Empower 3 Method Validation Manager (MVM)
Empower 3 Method Validation Manager (MVM) allows you to perform chromatographic method validation from protocol planning through final reporting in one application.



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