2011 Equipment Buyer's Guide

The 2011 Equipment Buyer's Guide
offers convenient ordering information as well as images for each piece of equipment offered by Buehler, including highlighted features and accessories. This guide is divided into the following sections for easy access to needed information.
• Sectioning
• Mounting
• Grinding/Polishing
• Petrography/Electronics & Fiber Optics
• Auxiliary Support
• Analysis/Documentation
• Furniture
• Product Overview

Several pages are dedicated in the Equipment Buyers Guide to images of accessores for Precision Saws, vising for Abrasive Cutters, and specimen holders for a variety of Grinder/ Polishers. These additions are designed to help you make the best selection of accessories for your specific need and application. As a bonus, we have included throughout the book selection of consumables products and valuable technical information to help you make the best equipment and consumable choices. For additional consumable and technical information, visit our consumables section and our 2011 Consumables Buyers Guide.

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Table of Contents
Petrography/Electronics/Fiber Optics
Auxiliary Support Equipment
Hardness Testers



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