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The Largest and Most Advanced Calgary Car Wash and Truck Wash

Great White Car and Truck Wash is the largest and most advanced Calgary car wash and truck wash. Great White Car Wash offers complete auto wash needs. It features state of the art technologies that you can’t find anywhere. Committed to providing superb customer service, Great White Car and Truck Wash will definitely provide you with the best experience. Its car wash includes an auto wash tunnel and seven self-service bay. It offers unlimited monthly car washes having their signature Shark Club memberships. It also includes revolutionary truck wash which can make your truck or fleet clean and protected. It excels in getting your vehicle back to its best looking using an environmentally friendly cleaning detergent that is formulated for Calgary’s driving conditions.

Under its car wash service, it includes an automatic full-service car wash. If you are looking for convenient and fast automatic premium car wash tunnel, they have it. It is capable of cleaning over 110 cars per hour. They have state of the art system that will provide “better than hand-wash” result in just less than 4 minutes. You don’t need to wait or no need to get out of your car. They also have a self-power car wash which is created for those who deals with cleaning seriously.

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