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E Cigarette – What is it and Why Buy from Us?

The liquid nicotine present in these cigarettes is the major reason why there are no compromises in the taste department. The primary operation of an e-cigarette is vaporization; the major ingredient involved in the process being the liquid nicotine. As a result, an electronic cigarette is free of all the unhealthy and tarry substances, and is quite environment-friendly as well. These cigarettes, unlike the regular cigarettes, can be used anywhere, which also includes public places. The smoke that the e-cigarette smoker exhales is a water vapor, which has no odour and colour.

Despite all the goodness attached to these cigarettes, they taste pretty much like the regular cigarettes. However, when compared to the usual cigarettes that most of the smokers are accustomed to, there is a wide range of flavours and aromas offered with e-cigarettes. The flavours that come with an e cigarette can be typical of the regular cigarette brands, or it could have a completely unique taste altogether.

Why are we better?

Our aim has always been to provide the best of services and products. We offer guarantee on all the products that we sell, and also ensure that the products are shipped quickly. We are always on the lookout for new products and varieties, something that has helped us stay ahead of the competition almost every time. Our claims for quality and high standards would reflect in the electronic cigarettes that we sell.

Though we are one of the best CloudCig™ e cigarette sellers in the UK market, the prices at which we sell our cigarette units is very reasonable and quite competitive. In fact, we are so confident about our competitive pricing that we are willing to refund the entire amount to our buyers if they can buy the same quality or a better e cigarette at a cheaper price elsewhere. 

Benefits of E-smoking

As mentioned earlier, there are several benefits attached to e-smoking. Saving money is probably the major benefit. Smoking electronic cigarettes is very cheap. The cost incurred to refill a cartridge of an e-cigarette is equivalent to one whole packet of regular cigarette. If one quits real tobacco cigarettes and resorts to e-cigarettes, then the amount of money that could be saved would be quite substantial. 

Smoking has always been synonymous with stale and disgusting smell. With an e-cigarette, such odour ceases to exist. In addition, there would not be any issues of bad breath as well. Smoking has, in fact, never been as refreshing and pleasing before. E-cigarettes are acceptable in many societies as well. In most countries, one can e-smoke in a public place such as a restaurant, office, plane, and public transport.

Therefore, if you are keen on smoking some liquid nicotine and are not sure about the place to buy the product from, then our services should probably be your best bet. We are the biggest wholesale and retail distributor of e-cigarettes in the UK market. Our search for supremacy has been one of the hallmarks of our business model.
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