Sample Preparation

Oasis Sample Extraction Products
Achieve robust, selective, and sensitive solid-phase extraction (SPE) methods without worrying about low recoveries caused by breakthrough, sorbent drying, pH limitations, and undesirable silanol activity.

Ostro Sample Preparation Products
NEW 96-well plate for phospholipid removal in plasma and serum. Ostro’s simple protocol provides cleaner extracts and reproducible results.

Certified Sep-Pak Cartridges
Ideally suited for low level GC and LC analysis, Certified Sep-Pak SPE cartridges are chromatographically-tested for cleanliness and performance to provide superior extracts for residue analysis in environmental, food, chemical and biological samples.

Sep-Pak SPE
Sep-Pak products are recognized worldwide and remain the most referenced SPE products for GC/MS, HPLC, and LC/MS analysis. They offer a versatile and cost effective solid-phase extraction alternative.

On-Line SPE Products
Perform reproducible and ultra-fast on-line analysis of analytes using a wide choice of configurations, particle sizes, and sorbent chemistries.

PoraPak Rxn
PoraPak Rxn is a family of polymeric based chromatography products for superior cleanup of synthetic reactions which allows for fast cleanup, efficient fractionation and rapid de-watering.

Sirocco Protein Precipitation Plate
Sirocco Protein Precipitation Plate Sirocco™ plates are the most technologically advanced protein precipitation plates on the market and provide optimum performance in faster processing time for automated or manual processing.

DisQuE Dispersive SPE
Dispersive SPE, commonly referred to as "QuEChERS", is a simple and straightforward sample preparation technique suitable for multi-residue pesticide analysis in a wide variety of food and agricultural products.

Waters Positive Pressure-96 Processor
Waters Positive Pressure-96 Processor offers state-of-the-art operation for moving liquids through SPE 96-well devices.

SPE Accessories
A wide offering of accessories for use with SPE devices and plates, including manifolds, reservoirs, adaptors, plastic tubings, and fittings.

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