Waters USA
HPLC, UPLC, UHPLC, LCMSMS, GCMS, Columns ,Chromatography Consumables and Standards.

Differentiated High Value Life Science Research and Diagnostics Solutions

GBC Scientific Australia
UV-Visible Spectrometer, Atomic Absorption Spectrometer, ICP-OES, ICP-MS TOF , XRD , Rheometer

Rigaku USA
Rigaku for Material Analysis

DANI Spa Italy
Gas Chromatograph, GC MS TOF, Chromatography Consumables .

Nanosurf Switzerland
Nanosurf is the leading provider of Easy to Use AFM Atomic Force Microscopes (AFM) and Scanning Tunneling Microscope (STM) from Switzerland .

Hanson Research USA
Dissolution System, Diffusion System, Physical Testing , Service & Validation .

Hirox Japan
Digital Microscope , All in One Microscope

Peptide synthesizer, peptide synthesis, custom peptide, Fmoc amino acids, Resin for peptide synthesis, Boc amino acids, automated peptide synthesizer

Geo Scanners
Software Solutions, GPR Antennas, GPR Control Units, TX/RX Plug-ins, Smart Adapters, Triggering Devices, Carts and Handles, Interconnections.

FT Spectrometer, Optical Measurement System and Polarization Manag.
Event Engineering Ltd & Boreal Laser Canada.
hydrogen Sulfide Analyzers, Moisture Monitors, Oxygen Analyzer, Carbon Dioxide Analyzer , Gas Chromatograph, Laser System

RAE Systems
Portable Detection, Portable Detection/Wireless, Fixed Detection, Fixed Detection/Wireless, Area Detection/Wireless, Software Solutions, Decision Support

Optima Japan
Laboratory Instruments, Electrophoresis System, Mebiol Gel, Color Glass Filters, Glass/Quartz Cells, NMA Sample Tubes, PCR/DNA Kits/Taq, Agaroose Powder

Aqua Read
Aquameters, Aquaprobes, AquaPlus, AquaLogger, BlackBox, AquaLab

Spectrophotometers, luminometers, microplate readers & analyzers

Enerac USA
Calibrators: Signal, Pressure, and Temperature, Test & Measurement: Pressure, Temperature, Air Flow, Humidity, CO2 Portable: Combustion Gas & Emissions Analyzers. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ): CO2, CO, Humidity, Temperature, Air Flow

Liquid Handling , Centrifuge, Mixer, Shaker, Magnetic Stirrer, Overhead Stirrer

Spectrometers, Light Sources, Fiber Optics , XRF Unit, Portable Handheld XRF Unit.

Laboratory equipment, Online Measurements, Measurement laboratory

Oven, incubator, shaker, bath & circulator, Environmental chamber, stirrer and mixer

Ample Scientific
Centrifuge, Stereo Microscope, Biological Microscope, Microscope Accessories, Lab Equipments

Centrifugation, Gel-Documentation, UV-Products

SGE Analytical Science
GC Columns, ProteColâ„¢ HPLC Columns, GC Accessories, HPLC Supplies, GC Supplies, Syringes, Electron Multipliers, MEPS, Capillary HPLC, SealTight Valves

BioBase Instruments
Biological Safety Cabinet, Laminar Airflow, Cold Chain, Analyzers, Purifying Solutions, Fume Hoods and Lab Waste

Ultra-low Temperature, Biomedical Freezers, Biomedical Refrigerator, Under Counter Refrigerator, Blood Bank Refrigeration, IVF- 190c LN2 Dry Storage System, Cryogenic Freezers, Autoclaves, Incubators and Tablet Dispenser

Hirschmann Laboratories

Volumetric glassware, Precise capillary pipettes, Liquid handling products


Glass, Arts & Crafts, Advanced Materials, Laboratory/Dental, Thermal Process and Foundry


Environmental:Photosynthesis systems, Canopy Analyzers, Light Meters, Leaf Area meters, CH4 Analyzer, CO2/H2O Analyzers, photosynthesis soil CO2 Flux, Area Meters, Light Measurement